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Las Vegas FREE Qi Acupuncture / Family Wellness Seminar

Taught by LA Black Belt 8thDuan Grand Master Dr. JackXueLiFu, Lac, PHD OMD.


Dr. Fu will be giving a free Qi Acupuncture/Family Wellness Seminar where you will learn specialQigong and Acupressure methods to use at home to heal you and your family. Techniques includespecial Qigong exercises, qi acupressure and qi muscle testing.

 Everyone in the room will feel their qi in three minuteswhile experiencing these methods. Just one minute a day of Qigong exercise will reduce high blood pressure without medication and five minutes a day will build up your qi to improve chronic health conditions such as diabetes and irritable bowel.

You will be able to use acupressure/acupuncturetechniques to heal yourself and your family of any neck, shoulder, low back, knee, leg or ankle pain as well as headaches, sleep disorders, digestive problems and conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, diabetes, colds and other illnesses. Benefits of these methods include weight loss, physical fitness, increased focus and concentration, better sleep, and stress reduction. In just two minutes of applying these techniques you can release any pain felt anywhere in the body. A demonstration of these techniques will be given and applied to those attending the free seminar.


There will also be free tongue diagnosing and muscle testing methods done.


 Free Seminar dates and times:

Mar 13- Free Demonstration Seminar 1pm—2pm


 Location:  Naturally Organic Healing Center 

1171 S BuffaloLas VegasNv



Tel: 626-2153353  ;702-324-0353

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