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Jack Fu is the Famous E-mei International Wushu,Tai Chi and Qigong Master..Master Fu Studied Wushu from his father-Master Liqing Fu when he was 4 yrs of age and entered The Youth Wushu Academy School at the age of 9yrs old. At 19 yrs of age he went to the Chengdu Physical education University to further improve his Wushu education. He also Learned the technical aspects of Wushu, San Shou and Tae Kwon Do in the University. In 1994 Master Fu Graduated from the University He had Already been a Wushu Coach. He Served as the Secretary and Vice Secretary, Executive Secretary, and Coach of Chengdu City Wushu association for 8 years. Master Fu also served as the Executive secretary to the Chengdu Qigong Association. Master Fu has over 30 years of experience in E-Mei Qigong.

Master Fu is also skilled in E-Mei Nei Yang Gong, Jing Gong, 12 Zhuang Gong, E-Mei Yang Style And Chen style Tai Chi, and Highly skilled in Tai Chi Tui Shou (Push Hands) Master Fu holds A 7th Duan (Degree) of Wushu Kung Fu, by the Chinese Wushu Association,also a grade A Certified Judge for Wushu, San Shou, and Tae Kwon Do Master fu is a Member of the Chengdu City Wushu Ranking Committee, Sizchuan Province Taiji (Tai Chi) Tou Shou (Push Hands) Officer, He Is the Taiji Tou shou Academy Executive Secretary also Vice Chairman of the Chengdu Wushu Research Association, Chairman of the International Wushu San Shou Dao Association Chengdu Branch, and Director of the Los Angeles International Wushu San Shou Dao Association, and is a Consultant of the Canadian and Hong Kong Wushu Teams Master Fu Competed in many National and International Wushu Competitions Where he was Very Successful. In 2000 Handau International Taiji Kungfu Competition in In China. Master Fu won Gold Medals for Yang Style Taiji Forms and Taiji Tou Shou (Push Hands) Master Fu has Been on the cover of Kung Fu Tai Chi Magazine and produced Seven Videos for TC Media Int”l. Including E-Mei Fire Dragon , E-Mei Taiji single hand push hands and Fajin, E-Mei Taiji double Push Hands and Neutralizing Power, E-Mei Moving Step Push Hands and Listening Jin, E-Mei Two person Push Hands Routine, E-Mei Water Taiji, as well as E-Mei Hard Qigong. Master fu also versed in Many Styles – Long fist, Spear, Sword, Knife, Stick, Professional Kick boxing and Self Defense ,Over 30 styles of Qigong Master Fu has worked with Children to Elderly people and Specializes in Teaching Taijichuan (Tai Chi) Master Fu Is also A Doctor of Chinese Medicine,Accupuncture, Physical Therapist, Sports Therapy, Muscle and bone Therapy, Qigong healing Therapy’s.
  Los Angeles E-Mei Tai Chi Meetup is a rare chance for people to learn from one of the Great Masters of China.. Master Fu Is offering classes to those interested in Learning the Traditional Yang style Taijichuan (Tai Chi) Tou Shou (Push Hands)and Qigong from a Highly Skilled Master, as It was passed on from Generation to Generation of Masters to Disciples This is Tai Chi that has been Unaltered since conception and the forms are taught and held to Highest Regard… once you watch Master Fu Perform Tai Chi and Have a chance to Touch Hands With Shifu Fu you will surely know why the Great Taijichuan Masters and their skills have survived the test of time…and why Tai Chi Chuan is called the GRAND ULTIMATE…
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