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Master (Dr.) Fu

Dr. Jack Fu is adoctor in acupuncture and PHD oriental medicine, CHIGONG MASTER AND TAICHI 8 black belt MASTER.

Dr. Fu comes from a long line of doctors of Traditional Chinese Medicine. An sixth-generation acupuncturist, Dr. Fu’s training started at age 5, when he began studying martial arts and qigong, practices that awaken one’s inner chi or subtle energy.

Dr. Fu has treated personal injury, sports injuries and workers compensation injuries effectively. He believes that ninety percent of these injuries involve connective tissue and this theory is based on many years of studying the human anatomy. When connective tissue is injured, either through penetration, blood extravasations, adhesions, resulting in scar tissue and swelling which can lead to debility and pain. Dr. Fu can reduce these symptoms with acupuncture effectively.

  • Neck: Disc, pinched nerve and pain goes down to hand or shoulder blade, auto whiplash.
  • Lower back: disc, pinched nerve and pain goes down to hip, thigh knee or toes.
  • Head: Migraine and tension headache. Vertigo and dizziness with vomiting.
  • Shoulder: Bursitis and tendonitis on biceps, rotator cuff. Frozen shoulder and small tear on rotator cuff.
  • Elbow and wrist: Tendonitis and bursitis. Lateral epicondylitis(Tennis elbow), medial epicondylitis(Golf elbow). Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Knee and ankle: Tendonitis and bursitis. Sprain and strain. Knee pain and small tear on meniscus.
  • Foot: Plantar facilities.
  • Rehabilitation: Any Severe pain after surgery.


He have also provided support to patients with such devastating illnesses as stroke, auto-immune diseases and cancer. Because every patient is unique, treatment plans are customized to fit individual needs. At here, patients and doctors build a true partnership.

Dr.Fu unique skills, acquired over a lifetime of intense training and mastery of Qigong and martial arts, allow them to share not only medical knowledge, but abundant and powerful Qi (“Chi”), a palpable energy that is a powerful adjunct to healing. It is this Qi, or subtle energy, that allows healing on a holistic level.

Scope of Treatment:
1. A variety of cervical spine illness, also sequelae of all kinds of injuries of the cervical spine, including, but not limited to: Cervical spine osteophyte, cervical spine ligament degeneration, cervical spine with abnormal curvature, neck pain.
2. Low back pain, also lumbar disc herniation can effectively be treated as Dr. has developed a treatment to cure disc herniation for patients using non-surgical treatments. He can effectively cure herniation and has a ninety percent recovery rate treating lumbar and back connective tissue injuries.
3. Shoulder Pain, sequelae of shoulder injury, Frozen Shoulder
4. Tennis Elbow, (lateral epicondylitis) and Baseball/Golfer’s Elbow (medial epicondylitis)
5. Arthritis
6. Carpal Tunnel
7. Bursitis/Tendonitis
8. Hip and Knee pain
9. Foot and Ankle pain
10. Weight loss

Dr. Fu’s Treating Methods include:
1. Acupuncture
2. Tai Chi Manipulation
3. Massage & touch therapy
4. External application of unique Chinese herbal medicine, which are nanometer granules, easy to get into human body tissues with mild massage.
5. Unique Chinese herbal medicine to dissolve scar tissue – orally administered.
6. Physical therapy

Tai Chi bone-setting to treat cervical and lumbar disc herniations, increasing the narrowed space between vertebrae in disc herniation diseases. Use of mini-needle method to separate scar tissue and connective tissue.

Dr. Fu has twenty years clinical experience treating over 10,000 patients. During this time he has founded many innovative medical procedures and developed his special style of treatment. The effective treatment of cervical and lumbar disc herniation is an extremely prominent accomplishment. Also Dr. Fu strait lean ABDOMINAL ACUPUNCTURE FROM who made this styme Master Bo,he can do no pain acupuncture at your tummy to help your any pain and a lot internal sick. He lean in Chinese done this 18 years.

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