Dr. Fu is a Dr. of Acupuncture and has a PhD. in Oriental Medicine. He is a Qi GONG Master and an 8 degree black belt Master in Tai Chi, Qi Gong and Wushu.

Dr. Fu comes from a long line of doctors of traditional Chinese Medicine. A sixth-generation acupuncturist, Dr. Fu’s training started at age 5, when he began studying martial arts and Qi Gong (practices that awaken one’s inner chi or subtle energy).

Master Fu believes that because every patient is unique, treatment plans should be customized to fit their individual needs. “The patient and the doctor must build a true partnership.”

Dr. Fu’s unique skills, acquired over a lifetime of intense training, and mastery of Qi Gong and martial arts, allows him to share not only his medical knowledge, but also enables patients to access abundant and powerful Qi (“Chi”), a palpable healing energy, that allows healing on a holistic level.

Dr. Fu has twenty  years clinical experience and is versed in painless acupuncture.

6/20 ‘MA’Qi Acupuncture/Family Wellness Seminar

6/20周六拉斯维加斯“氣”針灸—美安養生法講座 主讲者:洛杉矶黑帶八段氣功太極大師,東方醫學博士,執照中醫師付學理 任何人2天都學得會,可以自己練也可以給人治病的“氣 ”針灸,練:每天3分鍾降低高血壓,不藥而愈,峨眉秘传内功可以让64岁男人天天晨勃,调节女性内分泌祛斑美容,5分鍾打通小周天, 祛慢性病強身。治:教你用原始點松筋按摩法來調“氣”治好你家人的頭頸肩腰腿痛,減肥,胃痛,感冒,2分鍾顯效。今晚還有峨眉氣功及太極推手示範表演,並可讓每人3分鐘內自己感覺到氣,現場免費舌診調病。歡迎帶各種病人來現場檢測治療,當場見效。免费示范后立刻开始今晚和明早3小时的学习班,学习完全针对你的气功和按摩手法,在你离开本地前掌握你和家庭需要的养生法。配合使用美安产品健身效果加2倍。 6/20 ‘MA’Qi Acupuncture/Family Wellness Seminar Learn special Qigong and Qi Acupressure to use at home to heal you and your family. Techniques include E-Mei Qigong exercise and Qi acupressure. Learn how to help with any pain, weight loss, and many other conditions. After just two minutes of applying these techniques you will feel a release […] » Continue reading

Las Vegas FREE Qi Acupuncture / Family Wellness Seminar

Taught by LA Black Belt 8thDuan Grand Master Dr. JackXueLiFu, Lac, PHD OMD.   Dr. Fu will be giving a free Qi Acupuncture/Family Wellness Seminar where you will learn specialQigong and Acupressure methods to use at home to heal you and your family. Techniques includespecial Qigong exercises, qi acupressure and qi muscle testing.  Everyone in the room will feel their […] » Continue reading

Dr. Fu commonly treats the following illnesses in his practice

Acupuncture and Asian / Alternative Medicine is a complete system of Natural Medicine. As such it can treat most illnesses. The World Health Organization, the U.S. National Institute of Health, and the State of California publicly endorse Acupuncture and Asian / Alternative Medicine. Dr. Fu commonly treats the following illnesses in his practice: • Respiratory • Emotional • Musculo-skeletal • […] » Continue reading